Partner with Fountain Bowl
Earn money all year long

Fountain Bowl wants to become your fundraiser partner!  Once you hold a fundraiser event at Fountain Bowl, we will partner with your organization by giving your group special Fountain Bowl Club Cards that will track your members’ spending when they visit Fountain Bowl.  Every time they bowl, your group will earn 10% cash back.  We will send you your earnings twice per year.

Wow! Raise money for your group every time you visit Fountain Bowl to have tons of fun.  Bring the entire family!

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Millions of dollars have been raised at Fountain Bowl through bowling fundraisers.

Arrange your fundraiser


Bowling centers around our nation have helped organizations just like yours raise millions of dollars over the years. Yet bowling fundraisers are still the best kept secret. It is time to change that. We are setting aside one Saturday a month to help your organization raise $500 or more. It’s easy, fun, profitable and weather is never a factor. Reserve your group’s spot today. Let us show you how to raise even more. It’s fun for everyone and everyone can do it.


Even in the best of times, organizations of all kinds need funding. In today’s economy, it is harder than ever to find the funds needed to keep organizations afloat. Bowling fundraisers can help ease the pain. It’s easy! It’s fun and everyone can do it. Raise $500 or more with an easy to conduct fundraiser. Fountain Bowl has set aside one Saturday per month just for you. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity. Contact us today!

Millions Raised Through Bowling Fundraisers 

The bowling industry no longer wants bowling fundraisers to be the best kept secret in fund raising. So we are inviting your organization or club to participate in our Fun Raiser Saturdays.

If More Funds Are Needed We Can Help!

If you are in need of even more funds we can show you the way to get them! Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity. Bowling Fundraisers are by far the easiest, most fun and profitable way to raise the funds you need.

What is “Fun Raiser Saturday” 

Fountain Bowl is setting aside one Saturday each month just for fundraising. Your group can reserve your block of lanes on one of the upcoming Fun Raiser Saturdays – bring in your group and raise $500 or more. It’s fun and easy. Guaranteed!!